Growing Hoya yuennanensis Part Four

I have neglected to point out thus far that there has been many times over the years that my miserable little starts of Hoya yuennanensis put out peduncles, but they never produced any buds. In the spring of this year (2023) I started the plant over for at least the tenth time since I got it way back in 2016. I started a few pots of it, and took one cutting of it and started it with Hoya aff. thomsonii. In the summer, I decided to put it outside in the greenhouse for the heck of it as I could not remember if I had grown it that way before or not. In late July, I almost fell on the ground when I went to water it, and saw that an old peduncle had actually started to bud up! The buds got bigger week after week until they looked like this!