Final Day with Hoya evelinae

At the time of this writing (February 2023), I can only go by the identification of the plant I received from the Indonesian vendor. Truthfully both my Hoya evelinae and Hoya apoda are so much alike other than leaf size and number of buds on a peduncle, I am wondering whether they both should be called Hoya sp. aff. evelinae. As the plant ages, it will be interesting to see if I can get several flowers on the same peduncle, that would help demonstrate to me that I indeed have Hoya evelinae. Here is a link to Nathalie Simonsson and Michele Rodda’s published paper on the species:

Whether I have Hoya evelinae, or Hoya sp. aff. evelinae, it is a fantastic Hoya that flowers almost continuously and is very easy to cultivate. It gets a very high recommendation from me to add to any houseplant collection!