Happy New Year Everyone and A Look Back At 2022

Happy New Year! I always like to take the opportunity of moving into another year to look back at the highs and lows of the previous one. While 2022 did present a number of challenges, I did flower for the first time a number of Hoyas that were new to me. I guess we will start in January and move forward.

Near the end of January 2022 brought the flowering of Hoya paulshirleyi seedling also known as almost Paula:

After years of trying February finally brought Hoya vangviengiensis into bloom along with the recent acquistion Hoya lyi:

March brought new blooms for me from Hoya alagensis, Hoya Rachel, Hoya cf. palawanica, and Hoya thomsonii Pink:

Late March into April brought new flowers to me from Hoyas hamiltoniorum, Bicolor, BP-01, and fungi x RHP:

May brought a very rare flowering of Hoya stenophylla; while not much to look at, I was super glad to have had the opportunity to flower it:

June brought two new first-time flowerings: Hoya carmelae and Hoya vitiensis Yellow:

July brought me the blooms of Hoya sp. Sweet Scent and Hoya apoda:

Not much going on in August other than Hoya Mistie:

September’s Highlight was the massive flowering of Hoya obtusifolia:

October only had one new flowering and that was Hoya sp. Rangson:

The only thing new in November and December was Hoya Aff. thomsonii:

There you have all of the highlights of 2022. The low points were the discovery of a major pest in my collection – the dreaded flat mite and the blasting of all of the buds on Hoya maingayi, which I have been waiting to flower for a very long time. I guess if you weigh the bad with the good, the good far outweigh all of the bad by a long shot! I want to take the opportunity once again to wish all of you a happy and healthy new year and the best growing season of your life!