The Domino Effect Of A Bad Plant ID

I am not revealing my source for the plant that I received as Hoya desvoeuxensis as it was not their fault. Since this plant is so hard to flower, and the leaves are identical to Hoya desvoeuxensis and other Hoyas as well, there was no way to tell what this plant was until it flowered. Here is the problem with a bad ID, not only did my friend not have the plant she thought she had, but the person she got the plant from may not even have been the one who made the initial mistake. Also, unfortunately I sold at least a dozen rooted cuttings of what I thought was H. desvoeuxensis so whoever bought those plants from me also does not have the plant they thought they had. It is also possible that they also may have passed it on. I did say when I sold the plant that I had never flowered it before so I guess there was not an ironclad guarantee that it was what I said it was, but it is very unfortunate all the way around!