The Hoyas of 2021 In Review

Happy New Year everyone! We made it through another pandemic year where life is still not back to normal, and who knows if it will ever be the same again. I always like to take time to go back over the highlights of the previous year as we begin with much hope the start of a new one.

2021 was a bad year of plant losses for me with many hard to find species lost to root rot, but there were still some bright spots to be found. We start in January with the flowering of H. collina which took me years of struggle to coax into flower.

Hoya sp. Kalimantan (SLM-02) flowered in February, which was thrilling, it is now tempered with some sadness as this is one of the species lost in 2021.

February also brought the last flowering of Hoya nyhuusiae before I lost that plant. Here is a photo I took with it next to the flowers of H. amicabilis:

The highlight of the end of February and Early March was the flowering of Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ for the first time and Hoya anncajanoae.

March also brought the flowering of my favorite new Hoya from 2021 Hoya sp. Kalimantan (SLM-01)

April brought the first flowering of Hoya insularis, a definite weirdo in the Hoya genus.

May brought the flowering of Hoya gildingii, RIP, which I also lost last year.

We now move into July with the flowering of Hoya onychoides ‘New’ AH-307 which took a few year of trying to get it to bloom.

The summer of 2021 also brought multiple flowerings of Hoya undulata, which was heartening to see!

September brought the long awaited flowering of Hoya nervosa, which took five years to bring into bloom.

The final highlight of 2021 came with the late November/Early December flowering of yet another Hoya onychoides ‘New’ Clone AH-455.

Well, there you have 2021 in review; as I look back over it now, the year was much better than I initially remembered. I hope that your look back at your own growing in 2021 was every bit as rewarding as mine. The best to all of you in terms of health and happiness in 2022 and Happy Growing!