AH Hoya’s Numbering System

This plant originally came from AH Hoya in Thailand and her numbering system seems to leave something to be desired. They are not real accession numbers and they seem to change regularly depending on how they move up or down on her price list. My Hoya onychoides New (AH-307) seems to no longer be available, and this one that was on the list as Hoya onychoides New (AH-455) now seems to be numbered 441 as of this writing. So the numbers are somewhat worthless. I know that my #307 and #455 are not the same plant as #455 is more vigorous and has larger leaves than #307. They are, or more correctly were, both labeled as “New.” So what does that mean? I have no idea. The numbers move up or down every year depending on what she is offering making it hard to know what you are purchasing.