Hoyas With Problems That I Am Trying To Save With Re-potting

I have told many people in private about the struggles that I have had with my Hoyas over the past 12-18 months, but now I am letting everyone know. I don’t know if I have lost my Hoya growing mojo, or what but I have had more root rot in the past year than I have had in my 15+ Hoya growing career. It is hard to put my finger on what is causing the issues and I have blamed everything from too cool temperatures, to bad potting soil, to water chemistry, to changes in fertilizers. I have been exploring all of these and about a dozen other variables, and so far I’m not giving up, but it does get discouraging.

This week I am trying to save a number of Hoyas by water blasting the roots, cleaning them up and re-potting them. Ordinarily I would restart them from cuttings, but it is too late in the season to take dozens of cuttings so I’m trying to bring them around by cleaning as much rot off as possible to see if they will reestablish.

Below is Hoya hanhiae ‘Pink’ which had flowered a lot this summer, but never grew a leaf and looked worse and worse. I have re-potted using a clear pot to give be a better idea of when to water the plant.