Water and Hoyas

I am constantly flummoxed as to why I struggle to grow some Hoyas that I used to grow easily in my last home. The only thing that I can really come up with is the water. I was on a tiny community well that serviced about 35 homes, and the only thing added to that water was chlorine. Large commercial water systems like the one that I am on now no longer use chlorine, but moved some time ago to chloramine which does not dissipate quickly like chlorine. I do not believe that my r/o system can filter it out either. I am wondering if some Hoyas are sensitive to it, and possibly the chemical is causing some of my issues.

I have just installed a rain barrel pictured below, and in a short time already have over 100 gallons of water saved. I will report back on how this works out for me at some future time. Fingers crossed!