Hoya onychoides ‘New’ and Mother of Thousands

I thought this would be a good time to talk about my Hoyas and the plant Mother of Thousands – Kalanchoe x laetivirens. Here is the story behind how I ended up with so many of these plants growing in my pots of Hoyas. A former coworker and good friend of mine went to buy her lunch one day at our local market, walked next to their houseplant section, and noticed a tiny plantlet of Mother of Thousands on the floor and picked it up. She put the little plantlet in one of the potted plants on her work windowsill, and voila it grew and started spreading everywhere. It ended up in a couple of Hoyas that I kept at work, and I brought it home where by its very nature started spreading through my collection.

I don’t feel that it causes any harm and I kind of think that it helps take up some of the excess water that I am prone to giving my plants. I mostly leave them alone, but occasionally I will go on a purge and get rid of a lot of it, but this plant is one tough survivor! Below my onychoides and Mother of Thousands: