Hoya Hall Of Shame

We are going to do something a little different this week to prove that I am a human Hoya grower and have problems growing some plants. Each day going forward I will briefly profile a Hoya that I have not been able to flower despite my best efforts. We will begin with Hoya biakensis, AKA Hoya sp. Biak Island, AKA Hoya collina.

I first encountered this plant about a decade ago and I had a pretty nice specimen, and it turned sideways on me and I lost it. I made a mistake getting another one about 4 years ago and have been suffering with it ever since. It has a tendency to all of a sudden get massive numbers of yellow leaves, which are very unsightly. I can’t seem to flower it to save my life. I truly have come to hate this Hoya. More on my hate/hate relationship with this plant tomorrow.