Hoya archboldiana YM Excellent Is Truly Excellent!

I see here a Hoya Archboldiana ‘Jumbo Red.’  I’d have liked to see the hybridizer’s name attached.  Is this a published cultivar or just a frivolous name that someone thought up to distinguish it from the white and pink clones?  Due to Ted Green’s attaching the frivolous title of ‘YM-Excellent’ to the giant red one, in a manner that is supposed to indicate a cultivar, people appear to think it is a cultivar.  Friends, that big red Hoya archboldiana IS the only one of those “Archies” that exactly matches C. Norman’s holotype specimen. It IS Hoya archboldianavar. archboldiana. The YM-Excellent does not belong there. I doubt that “Jumbo Red” belongs there, but I could be wrong about that. What the YM-Excellent means is that Ted Green bought it from an Australian collector, whose name was (maybe still is) York Meredith.

Christine Burton PS-The Hoyan Vol. 10, #1 June 1, 2010

This is an wonderful plant even if Ted Green did make up the name. Below my most recent photo: