Happy New Year and a Look Back at 2018

Well it is hard to believe, but yet another year has passed by, always seemingly faster than the previous year.  I always like to take this opportunity to take a look at the highlights from the year past.

I flowered a number of new Hoyas in 2018.  Among the highlights would have to be Hoya celata and Hoya soidaoensis, which I spent considerable time, with many setbacks over the years, to get into flower.  The most exciting Hoya that I flowered in 2018 though would have to be Hoya maxima Red Corona.  I had always wanted to flower one of the imbricate Hoyas and it finally happened!

I have to mention a couple of disappointments from 2018.  Try as I might, I failed to flower Hoya obtusifolia.  Buds aborted all year long; I cannot for the life of me determine what I am doing wrong.  This is a plant that takes up way too much room, so if I can’t flower it next summer it will have to go.  The other big disappointment of last year was a friendship that I thought I had forged online seem to have fallen apart.  I may have misspoke, or who knows?  It is very hard to know what went wrong, but I miss this person who seems to have fallen away.

Other highlights from 2018 include successfully growing out a number of Hoya bella seedlings from my own seed. The best purchase of last year was Hoya platycaulis, which continues to fascinate me with its unusual growing habits. The best thing I learned last year was water rooting not only works, but is the go to method for difficult to root Hoyas.  Well I will end this post now wishing all of you the happiest, and healthiest of new years.  May all of your Hoya dreams come true!