My History with Imbricate Hoyas Part Six

I should also say at this time that my mount of Hoya imbricata/maxima sits in a large tray of water and is covered in a clear grow cloche that stands 22 inches high.  It is grown under one 300 watt LED light and is kept warm.  Every day the plant gets misted with RO water and fertilized.

Even with all of this care and as well as the mount was growing, I was taken back when I spotted the first peduncle!  Unfortunately, the first and second peduncle produced fell off.  The third peduncle started producing buds and they promptly fell off as well!

After these failures, I thought that maybe the atmosphere was too small, and I built a polycarbonate extension for the plant bringing it from 22 inches of height to 30 inches.  Finally a fourth peduncle formed and the buds made it to term – I was euphoric.  After almost five years and so many setbacks I had finally done it!