My History with Imbricate Hoyas Part Four

Frustrated after 3 or 4 years of putting so much effort into my Hoya imbricata, I decided to put it in a shady spot outside for the summer in 2017, and let nature take its course.  Well nature took its course alright, the squirrels tore the plant to pieces a left it all over the yard. I was just going to compost it, when I got an idea for one more go at the plant.

I had a very large piece of aquarium driftwood kicking around for 10 or more years from the days when I kept fish.  Only my wife saved me from having thrown it out on numerous occasions.  I decided to make this piece of wood into my new mount and fastened a large screened in pocket of soil to the log with clumps of sphagnum also adhered to the wood.  I tied the bits of imbricata to the mount with fishing line soaked the entire thing with water and waited.

Miracle of miracles, it started to grow and respond and mosses, ferns and grasses started to pot up.