Let’s Talk A Little More About Grow-Tents

It has been a while since I’ve extolled the benefits of using at least one grow-tent if you live in a cold climate like myself.  Grow-tents are available in all sizes, and there is one to fit into even small spaces like a closet.  With them, it is possible to completely control the plant’s environment from temperature and humidity to lighting and day-cycle.  I could not do what I do without them; this display of cut imperialis flowers in December would be an impossibility.

People have told me that they like to be able to see their plants.  Well most of these tents have clear windows that can be viewed if one wishes.  The largest tents will let one go inside where you can spend time with your plants in a tropical environment.  A greenhouse in my area of the country would be prohibitively expensive to heat throughout a winter, but a grow-tent is much more affordable.