Hoya kerrii IML 0784 Does Not Like Full Sun

My seven year old Hoya kerrii IML 0784 (Pubescent Leaf Form) was four feet tall and flawless.  I brought it in to my work place and put it on a windowsill with southern exposure and the sun destroyed the plant by blistering most of the leaves.  The blisters were in the form of large cork-like growths that were completely unsightly and necessitated starting the plant over again.  I started 3 cuttings, of which I sold two and kept the worst of the 3 for my self.  The plant has done well and flowered within two years of starting it over.  Glad to have my plant back again with beautiful leaves.

I had always heard that Hoya kerrii can take and appreciates full sun.  I can tell you that is completely untrue at least for Hoya kerrii IML 0784.