Sphagnum Experiment

When I first joined a Hoya forum around ten years ago, there was a member talking about a failed experiment ten years prior to that. It concerned the use of sphagnum moss to root and grow Hoyas. I had pretty much forgotten about it until I realized that if I could grow amazing Dischidia in nothing but sphagnum, why wouldn’t Hoyas grow the same way?  I decided that I had nothing to lose and ignored the information that I had heard a decade ago. I started thinking maybe moss would be very bad if you lived where it rained all the time, but not for me?  Below you see Hoya serpens seedlings growing in nothing but sphagnum.  I have a number of cuttings of Hoyas that were on death’s doorstep rooted and growing in nothing but moss right now.  Hopefully I will have more positive results to report in the future.

Hoya serpens Seedlings in Sphagnum

Hoya serpens in Sphagnum Moss