Reflecting on 2016 in Hoyas

It is New Year’s Eve, and once again time to reflect back on the past year in Hoyas. While I lost a few Hoyas in 2016, I also had a lot of new first-time-bloomers.  Of all of those plants, here are the three that meant the most to me, not necessarily because of their beauty, but mostly because of the struggles I went through to get the flowers.

From April of this year, Hoya sigillatis was not an easy Hoya for me at all and a plant that I still struggle with.  It took almost three years to achieve this, and I’m still proud of it.

Hoya sigillatis 050116

From May, Hoya sp. NS05-055 graced me with flowers after a very long two year wait with many stops, starts, and false hopes along the way.  Why is it that I have so much trouble with most of the plants collected by Nathalie Caowynn Juhonewe? What ever the reason, when I do get one of her plants to flower, it is all that much sweeter.

Hoya sp. NS05-055 052816

Finally from July, there was Hoya endauensis a Hoya that has been, and still is a pain in my side.  It was a long wait indeed!

Hoya endauensis 080116b

That wraps up 2016; for the most part it was a very good year for me, and I hope for all of you as well.  I wish all of my readers a very happy 2017, and hope that you all have many new Hoya flowers to share in the new year!