My History with Hoya lanceolata bella ‘White’ Part Two

Hoya lanceolata bella ‘White’ has flowered and it has exceeded all of my expectations.  It is my favorite Hoya at least at the moment.  Back to my History with the plant.

After I discovered that the roots were gone on the plant, I thought why not turn lemons into lemonade and cut the plant up into tiny two inch pieces and not only get a fuller plant, but maybe have some to sell.  I ended up with two 4 inch pots and a two inch pot of cuttings.  Meanwhile Julie Kennedy had lost her little 3 inch plant that she had purchased with me so I sent Julie one of my 4 inch pots full of cuttings, because I thought that I had plenty.  More tomorrow.

Hoya lanceolata bella 'White' 100516aHoya lanceolata bella 'White' 100516b