My History with Hoya lanceolata bella ‘White’ Part One

My specimen of Hoya lanceolata bella ‘White’ came as a very tiny rooted 3 inch cutting.  It came from Torill Nyhuus, Chairwoman and editor of the Swedish Hoya Society.  The cutting was obtained for me by my very good friend Julie Kennedy of the UK.

At first everything went along swimmingly with my little plant.  It was growing along nicely through most of the winter months in a basement grow tent.  My little 3 inch plant grew to around 16 inches and stopped.  For the next 2-3 months it grew not at all.  I finally suspected a compromised root system and after inspection, I did indeed rot the roots.  More on what I did next in a few days after this plant finally flowers for me.

Hoya lanceolata bella 'White' 093016