Winning the Plant Lottery! AH Hoya Nursery

As I’ve shared with all of you over the last few years, I’ve not always had the best of luck with ordering plants from Thai vendors.  Well, I guess it was finally time for me to get lucky.  A good Hoya friend shared his information on a new Thai vendor that was selling rare plants at great prices, and I decided to take a chance and try ordering plants one more time from Thailand.  The stars must have been aligned just right this go around, because the plants arrived in only 3 days!!!

I was lucky that for once Customs sent the box right through without holding it, but a lot of credit has to go to this vendor.  Everything was carefully packed, and the plants looked like they were just picked that day.  The plants that I have received from some Thai vendors look like they have sat in the blazing sun in the shipping box for hours because they arrive completely dried out.  AH Hoyas exercised extreme care with every aspect of the shipping from the paperwork to the packing.

While it is always a gamble ordering from Thailand, I can at least say that if the plants don’t arrive in great shape it will not be the fault of this vendor.  Here is a link to their website for those interested in taking a look:

AH Hoya Nursery

Here are a couple of photos of the plants after I potted them up:

AH Hoyas 071616aAH Hoyas 071616b