Hoya sigillatis is part of the Acanthostemma section of Hoyas

“The Name Acanthostemma can be broken down into the words Acantho which in this case means thorny and stemma which means crown. The term Acanthostemma refers to the corona.”  This information was taken from the  Stemma Journal Vol 2 #3.  This group of Hoyas include such species as

Hoya bilobata

Hoya brevialata

Hoya burtoniae

Hoya davidcummingii

Hoya benitotanii (syn. gigantangensis)

Hoya halophila

Hoya heuschkeliana

Hoya incurvula

Hoya inconspicua

Hoya kentiana

Hoya kloppenburghii

Hoya leytensis

Hoya litoralis

Hoya loherii

Hoya lucyae

Hoya memoria

Hoya micrantha

Hoya myrmecopa

Hoya pallilimba

Hoya panchoi

Hoya parviflora

Hoya parvifolia

Hoya puber

Hoya sigillatis

Hoya sp DS-128

Hoya sp DS-70

Hoya sp 93039 Rundum

Hoya tsangii

Hoya wayettii

This is a partial listing and a list which is always growing and includes some of our most loved Hoyas.

Hoya sigillatis 042716aHoya sigillatis 042716b