Hoya megalaster – It’s Been a Long Time Baby!

First let me say that I’ve done some dumb things in my life, but one of the dumbest was to give away my large and beautiful Hoya megalaster a few years ago.  I took a couple of cuttings figuring that I could easily have a beautiful plant again in a short period of time – Wrong!  The plant that I eventually started was ugly and ill-formed from the beginning and never got any better; it flowered a lot, but was not a nice plant.

When I started in Ebay a couple of summers ago, I thought here is my chance to make a killing, and help myself out at the same time by cutting up my misshapen plant and starting several cuttings, one for myself and several to sell.  Well, it did not quite work out that way!  Over several months I lost those cuttings one after the other until I was finally left with just one, which I also thought that I was going to lose.  The cutting finally stabilized, and while it only has three leaves, it has just flowered for the first time.  I’m tremendously happy that it is finally back, and people will have to look elsewhere for their H. megalaster plant, because I’m never cutting this one again!

Hoya megalaster 013016