My White Hoya patella Has Turned Pink???

Strange but true, my white flowered form of H. patella IML 1083 has turned pink.  I have no idea if the LED lighting in the tent has brought it about, or the conditions of the soil, but it is highly disappointing.  I get the pink flowers all of the time, and waited forever to grow out a white one and now that plant is producing pink tinged flowers.  Here is a photo of the flower from April of 2015 in all of its white glory.

Hoya patella 'White' 100215b

Now here are the flowers on the exact same plant, in the same pot in January of 2016:

White patella? 012816aWhite patella? 012816bWhite patella? 012816c

It is very hard to explain this away based on conditions, as the plant has always been growing in the same tent under the same conditions.  I will report back if the flowers on this plant turn back to white.  Please let me know if anyone out there has had a similar thing happen to them.