Hoya inflata Opens Her Flowers Once Again and a Few Words About This Blog

Some of you probably wonder why I keep showing the same Hoyas over and over again.  Well, with a daily blog, I’m afraid that it is inevitable.  This blog is really a day to day exploration of what it is like to be a Hoya nut.  I try to show you what is happening to me and my Hoya world right now – what is going through my mind at this point with my limited collection.  Every day cannot be a new flower, I get really excited when it does happen, but it is not an every day or even weekly occurrence.  I can guarantee you however that 99.5% of my photos have never been posted anywhere before they appear right here for the first time.  I’m always trying to improve and better my photographs.  Here is Hoya inflata from today.  I was too lazy to move it so it was shot with my point-and-shoot, G9X in its forever grow tent home.  Also, Today marks my 1,500th post!!!!!

Hoya inflata 010816