Hoya imperialis Mary’s Cottage Palawan – Maybe Third Time is the Charm?

I almost hesitated to make this post for fear of jinxing my chances of finally flowering this plant.  The last time I posted that I had buds on  Hoya imperialis Mary’s Cottage Palawan was way back in April of 2014.  Right after announcing it to the world, the buds promptly yellowed and fell off.  I think this time will be different though.  The buds look extremely green and healthy and are many times larger than any that I have had in the past.  If I do pull it off and flower this imperialis, and the flowers are indeed some shade of yellow; it will be the highlight of my 2015 Hoya growing season.  Here is a photo of the buds from yesterday morning:

Hoya imperialis Mary's Cottage Palawan 112415a