This Video Completes My Hoya Re-Potting Trilogy

When I made my first How to Re-pot a Hoya Plant video, I had no idea how successful it would become.  It is by far my most watched YouTube video and has been viewed over thirty thousand times, which is not too bad for a potting video for a small niche plant!  I followed it up with How to Re-pot the Severely Root-bound Hoya, and now I have made the film below titled How to Re-pot a Hoya in a Hanging Basket.

I had been think about making this video for a long time, but just couldn’t bring myself to make it, as I have dreaded trying to re-pot my five, or six year old plant.  I was afraid that I would destroy it, and that the results would not be worth the effort.  I was wrong and just like every other task you can think of, the worst part about the project was to get started in the first place!