How I grow and flower Hoya sammannaniana (EPC-883)

I’m still trying to get a sense of what makes Hoya sammannaniana (EPC-883)  tick.  I have started it over a number of times now.  I started out with semi-hydro where it did well for a while and then faltered.  It faltered for a long time grown in potting mix as well.  Right now it is living in a very tiny 2 1/4 inch pot, inside of another larger pot, into which I set up a small trellis, and poured leca (clay pebbles) around it to hold the pot and trellis in place.  It did not do well at all under LED lighting and seems to prefer T-5.  I seldom water the plant now as I believe like so many other Hoyas it is extremely sensitive to over watering.  I cannot say that it is thriving now, but it at least holding its own and able to flower.

Hoya sammannaniana (EPC-883) 110715