Ever Wonder Why Hoya Vines pull Away From the Light

Almost all plants lean and pull towards the light, which I was taught all the way back in high school was called phototropism.  I thought that all plants were made to always seek the light, but I learned the other day that there are a few plants, primarily vines that pull away from the light.  I’ve seen it many times on Hoyas;  new vines will pull directly away from the window and seek the shadiest spot that they can find.  There is a reason for this phenomena;  a Hoya vine needs a tree to climb, and in order to find it, the vine will pull for the shade which in the wild is found in the trees.  Once it begins to climb that tree it will eventually find the necessary sunlight that will be necessary for good photosynthesis.  Plants that move towards the dark are said to experience negative phototropism and plants that move towards the light are experiencing positive phototropism.