The Royal Horticultural Society’s Publication The Plantsman Does a Hoya Article!

I briefly touched on the fact that the RHS publication called The Plantsman  was going to be using my photos in an article on Hoyas.  Well, tomorrow I will talk a little bit about the feature by Rob Stirling, which has just appeared in the September issue.

The Royal Horticultural Society was founded in 1804 originally as the Horticultural Society of London and gained its present name in a Royal Charter in 1861.  It is the world’s largest gardening charity with its purpose for “The encouragement and improvement of the science, art and practice of horticulture in all its branches”.

The RHS has a number of publications and the one in which my photos appear is titled The Plantsman.  It was first published in June of  1979, which coincidentally is also the month and year that I graduated from High School. The RHS website describes The Plantsman as “in-depth yet accessible” and its target readership as“keen gardeners, botanists and horticulturists”  It is a beautiful full color quarterly publication, which I would urge all plant enthusiasts to subscribe to.  Here is a photo of the September issue, in which the Hoya feature appears:

The Plantsman 10/20/15