Hoya benvergarai May Not Be Hoya benvergarai!

Although I received this cutting from a big time grower, and it was labeled as Hoya benvergarai, I’m now questioning whether it is indeed that plant.  There are not many photos of the flowers online, but the few that I can find do not agree with my specimen.  The flowers of Hoya benvergarai online show a pale yellow flower with a light colored corona.  The shape of the corona does however agree with the flowers pictured at the Forest Treasures website, which is in the Philippines.  Since the plant is endemic to that country, you would think that George Mendoza would have up the correct photo.

Since there can be so much variability in the coloration of Hoya flowers, and the few flower photos of Hoya benvergarai on the Web don’t even agree with each other, I’m going to have to keep the name that my plant came with until definitive proof arrives that my plant is something else.

Hoya benvergarai 090615