Just Found My First Stolen Hoya Photograph

As you all know, none of the photographs on my site are watermarked.  I spend hours taking some of these photographs, and all that I ask in return if someone wants to use one of them is to please give me credit for taking the photo.  I was browsing the web when I ran across a vendor called hoyaplants.com.  He is using one of my Hoya imperialis Var. Raushii Seedling photos as his own and attempting to sell plants with it. What is worse is that the plant that he is selling will never be the H. imperialis that I own.  My plant is a one of a kind seedling with the genetic material, which is capable of blooming with huge clusters of dark red blooms in as little as 14 months.  It was a seedling that I bought from Carol Noel and only myself, and a couple of people that I have shared this plant with, have it.  Jim Jacobs from hoyaplants.com does not have the plant that will produce the flower clusters pictured in my photograph.  Here is the photograph that he used without giving me credit:

Stolen H. imperialis Photo

I will continue to leave my photos unwatermarked as I don’t like looking at watermarked photographs, but I will call anyone out that I find using my photos without my permission or giving me credit.