Hoya patella Plants for Sale

If you live in the U.S., and happen to be looking for Hoya patella, I have some small starter plants for sale on Ebay.  My Ebay moniker is ERBTarzan24, which is a crazy name, but I’ve had it for over 20 years.  It stems from when I first joined Ebay, and I could not find a user name that was not taken.  When I was a kid my favorite author was Edgar Rice Burroughs who happen to write 24 Tarzan books – hence the name!

I’ve tried to keep these plants small so that they would ship inexpensively and keep the price down.  The shipping is included in the price and they are selling for $25.99.  I sold two yesterday and there are currently 8 plants left.  These summer sales will help me pay my electric bill, and ensure that I keep this site up and running.