Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’ Has Surprised Me!

Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’ needs warmth to bloom.  All winter long my plant blasted its buds, because it was simply too chilly for it.  After my new kitten knocked over a couple of plants in the room in which the plant lived, I closed the door to the room 24/7.  By keeping the door closed, the room became much warmer every time the central heating kicked in.  So, in fact I think that our new kitten, Mawson (named after the famous Antarctic explorer) was responsible for these buds! Pictured Below are Mawson and Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’

Mawson 031615

Hoya calycina 'Stargazer' with Plant Lover's Paraphernalia; March 2015

Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’ with Plant Lover’s Paraphernalia; March 2015