Hoya ignorata – A Plant Only A Mother Could Love

Here is a first-time bloomer for me and probably the last one of the year.  While researching it on the internet, I found this funny description of the plant from Christine Burton on her P.S. The Hoyan:

I haven’t seen an actual plant of this one but, judging from the on-line illustrations I found, my opinion is:  “Save your money…. even if it’s only Confederate money or Monopoly money. That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen next to cow pies and horse hockey pucks!  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to grow it.  I’d not ignore it though.  If it grew in my yard, I’d be just as diligent in eliminating it as I do poison ivy!!!

Here is a photo of the plant, which despite what CB says, I kind of like:

Hoya ignorata Showing Plant