Hoya imbricata/maxima

My imbricata/maxima – I bought it from a vendor on Ebay early in the summer and they thought it was maxima, but couldn’t swear to it, is doing extremely well, but I went through a lot to get it to this point. I bought a special 30 gal. aquarium to house it in with a piece of glass for the top and within the first hour the heat from my small 150 watt HPS light cracked the plate glass top and it all fell in on top of the plant. I then had to order special heat treated tempered glass for 3 times the price that I paid for the aquarium. After that for the first time in my life I had a mealy problem. I am fairly certain that they came in on the imbricata hidden under the leaves. They spread like wild fire to all of the plants in the tank. I used alcohol every day for two weeks and could not beat them. I finally resorted to BATS and beat the little buggers. The plant did well for a while in the tank, but then started going downhill. I varied the humidity levels by sliding the glass top on the tank, but the plant would not pick up. I finally hung it outside where it continued to go downhill until I almost considered throwing it out.. At the very end of the summer, it started to grow a little shoot so I brought it inside and hung it in my downstairs grow tent. Since that point it has started growing leaves and stems from multiple points and looks fantastic. I don’t know how long it will last, but it looks great for now. I should also say that it is mounted and I spray the mount every day.   My dream is to bloom this plant some day; here is a photo from this week:

Hoya imbricata/maxima ?