Hoya imperialis ‘Mary’s Cottage’ Palawan Buds!

If the buds on this plant, actually mature and flower, it will probably be my most exciting blooms of 2014.  I acquired Hoya imperialis ‘Mary’s Cottage’ Palawan from Joni at SRQ Hoyas in the Summer of 2012.  I know almost nothing about it, and can find no photo of the flowers on the Web.  There are descriptions that claim that it is some kind of yellow, which I highly doubt.  Anyhow, I hope that I have not jinxed this plant, but there are also two other peduncles developing buds so unless I make some kind of terrible blunder we will hope for the best.  I think they have to be at least two months out from blooming, but I will give updates probably every two weeks.  If they abort, you will feel my pain, if they flower you will hear my shouts of elation!

Hoya imperialis 'Mary's Cottage' Palawan Buds 041814