One Problem with Semi-hydro …

My one problem with growing in semi-hydro is that many times the plant grows too quickly.  Within the last two weeks, I had to throw out my megalantha plant. Really hoping the cuttings take root as I would hate to lose it. The Hoya kept right on flowering right up to the end but kept losing leaves continually, and I got sick of picking up all of those yellow leaves. The photo below will show the insane amount of root growth. I thought it was doing badly because it was too cool in the basement, but that was not it at all. It was so root bound that I couldn’t even get the hydroton out of the container, and not only that, the roots grew threw the side drainage holes and turned into a mat. . The s-h container sat inside of another pot with a little bit of hydroton in the bottom of the second pot to elevate the container and the roots grew right into it.

The Pitfalls of Growing Semi-hydroponically - March 2014

The Pitfalls of Growing Semi-hydroponically – March 2014