Six Year Wait For First Flower, and Welcome to My 600th Post!

Here is the first bloom (there are only three buds) from Hoya polystachya, which was bought as a cutting from David Liddle in 2007.  A short time ago I bloomed a plant labeled as Hoya tjadasmalangensis, which I thought looked suspiciously like polystachya.  Now that I have bloomed both plants I think I can say with certainty that my tjadasmalangensis was indeed polystachya.  Anyhow both plants looks so much alike that I can still see no real reason to own both.  Here is my six-year-wait flower.

I also want to thank everyone so much for sticking with this site, and allowing me to reach 600 posts.  I will keep up these daily posts as long as I am able.  I still have a lot to learn, and much more to share in the months ahead.

Hoya polystachya Flower - Six Years in the Making!

Hoya polystachya Flower – Six Years in the Making!