Just the Flowers Ma’am! Hoya javanica or Hoya javanica and the Spider Mites!

This new video of mine is remarkable in a couple of different ways.  It shows in High Definition resolution the flowers of H. javanica opening, which I have to say is really cool!  The second thing that it shows is a major Spider Mite invasion, which I was unaware of until watching the footage.  If you make the video full screen size and crank up the resolution, you will see the Spider Mites going about their daily lives.  They walk not only on the leaves in the foreground, but also make many trips across the buds and open flowers.  After spotting these interlopers, I sprayed the plant with Dr. Dooms Spider Mite Knock Out.  I will have to respray in a week or so to get the ones that will hatch out of the eggs left behind.