Hoya engleriana Photo Showing Entire Plant

Hoya engleriana has several different clones.  According to my friend Julie, this particular clone always has four flowers and no more.  Here is how I bloomed the plant and made it put on two feet of new growth in a few months.  I took the rooted plant out of it’s semi-hydro home and dropped it into a regular pot with 3 inches of hydroton in the bottom.  I then filled in around the plant with my regular potting mix, and moved it into a small grow tent with only two T-5 single tube strip lights.  The temperature ranged from 65°F at night to 75°F during the day.  I never let the plant dry out.  It grew vigorously and put on two peduncles in three months.  The lights were on 12 hours per day.  Now you know how to do it for yourself!

 Hoya engleriana showing entire plant - May 2013

Hoya engleriana showing entire plant – May 2013