New Monday Feature: Hoya megalantha Bud Development!

For the next several Mondays, I will post a new weekly bud development photograph for Hoya megalantha.  Thanks to my very good friend Julie Kennedy of the U.K. I have the opportunity to bloom this difficult to locate species.  She sent me a cutting of the plant rooted in Hydroton last summer, and I have been torture testing the plant ever since!  I have sprayed it four times for spider mites, and exposed it to very low temperatures (44°F or 6.5°C) for long periods of time.   When that didn’t work, I gave it temps of 90°F (32°C) for weeks on end.  I think I finally have conditions to its liking, and I will reveal those parameters in the next few weeks.  You will experience my joy if I take these buds to maturity, and feel my pain it they abort! Here is the first photo taken yesterday:

Hoya megalantha Buds From  February 17, 2013

Hoya megalantha Buds From February 17, 2013