Saturday Morning News

All is not lost with the Hoya serpens seeds!  After 10 days, some of the seeds have started to germinate!  I have no idea how they will make out for me, as part of an experiment, I am trying what may very well be the world’s first attempt at growing Hoya seeds in an Aerogarden.  I will keep everyone apprised on the progress.  Hoya macgillivrayi has opened overnight, but I have not had a chance to take any photos yet.  Those should come tomorrow, and I will post some in the next week.  Here is a photo from a couple of days ago of Hoya campanulata.  I am becoming more and more impressed with this plant.  It seems to be growing well and producing peduncles with buds and flowers outside of the grow-room.  It is tolerating low light and low humidity just fine.  I no longer had room in the warm, humid grow-room to accommodate it; so it was sink or swim, and it seems to be swimming!