Happy November 1, 2012 Hoya Lovers!

To welcome in the brand new month, I have a new Hoya bloom for you, or at least it is for me – Hoya cv. Noelle  I have had this plant now for 3-4 years, and I am experiencing the very first blooms just beginning to open up.  This plant, like Hoya bhutanica, was only able to bloom for me, because I extended my normally short grow season by moving it into a warm grow-tent.  Without this treatment, it never would have bloomed in the normal household conditions.  This plant is interesting in that it is the only Hoya that I grow with two completely different species in the same pot.  There will be more on this grow method and a new Hoya tour video in the near future.  Here is a shot of the bloom just opening up from this morning taken in a hurry with my Panasonic Lumix.