Hoya bhutanica (IML0224)

Here is a photo taken a few minutes ago of Hoya bhutanica (IML0224) – a first-time bloomer for me.  It took around three years to coax it into blooming.  I anxiously looked forward to this event during the summer as a number of peduncles formed and began to bud in the greenhouse.  All of the buds blasted (fell off).  After that disappointment, I pulled the plant out of the pot and washed all of the soil off.  I than re-potted it in the same pot with around 2 inches (5cm) of hydroton in the bottom.  I then moved it to my very hot and humid grow tent where the buds re-formed in record time and the first peduncle opened last night.  There will be many more photos and a page devoted to this plant in the next few days.