What’s Coming Up In the Next Couple of Months

I have been trying to put a new post into this blog every day, but that is becoming increasingly tough to pull off – I still have to find time to take care of the plants that I love so much.  I will still try to get in at least a couple of posts a week, but it probably won’t be every day.  I have another couple of how to videos in the works, and in the next 5-6 weeks I will be adding a new greenhouse and I hope to make a time-lapse video of the entire process – should be really cool if I can pull it off.  I will be adding a section to the site called Hoya Mosaics, which should be a lot of fun; I will also show you how to make them.  I am always trying to find time to take new and better photos of Hoyas – That is what is in the works for now!