Hoya brevialata – New Photos

Hoya brevialata is a Hoya that I think that everyone should keep.  This specimen is the second one that I have kept.  My first one lasted about four years, and got so big that I finally threw it out after I had obtained a replacement.  This plant is one that the Exotic Angel Company places in most big box stores such as Wal*Mart and Home Depot in the spring and summer.  It will take off and flower profusely for you starting in the 2nd year after bringing it home.  It is a Hoya that does not want to be kept too wet.  Give it as much sun as you can especially in the Northern latitudes like where I live.  It is a plant that you have to stick with as it can look poorly in the winter and bounce back strongly in the summer.  I have only kept it as a hanging plant.