A Word About Reds

I have recently looked at a couple of really nice Hoya websites, where everything was just a touch more beautiful than real life.  I’m talking mostly about what they do with the reds on the flowers using photo processing software such as Photoshop.  Candy apple red does not to my knowledge exist in the world of Hoyas; if it does, I have never seen it.  I want to make sure that my photos accurately portray what the flower will look like in real life.  The only thing I use photo editing software for is to remove the occasional dust speck or to crop an image.  I don’t want to have someone spend years growing out a plant only to be disappointed when it finally blooms.  I think Hoya flowers are beautiful enough without “tarting” them up.  What you see here is what you would see if you saw the bloom in person at my house.  Here is a photo taken this week of Hoya megalaster with thirteen flowers just beginning to open up – it is an accurate representation of the real thing.