Added New Photo to (Best Photos)

Added New Photo of Hoya archboldiana x onychoides to the best photos section.  If everything goes well, I should be adding a Valentine’s Day, cat themed, time-lapse video of the flower opening to You Tube before the end of the day Monday the 6th.  It has been brought to my attention that some of these videos are not as clear as they should be.  I am using a very primitive device to capture these images, and although the video is not always stellar, I still think that it is remarkable to be able to witness these blooms actually developing and opening before our eyes.  I will continue to do my best to improve these time-lapse movies, but because of the nature of the device that I use, they are unlikely to win any awards.  They are what they are, and I hope that most of you think that they are as much fun as I do.