Plants are Back Indoors for the Next Nine Months

I have just finished the ordeal of bringing all of the plants that I had moved into the greenhouses for the summer months back inside.  I’m thinking that it took probably at least 60 manhours to accomplish.  Don’t know how many more times I can pull this off.  Each plant that is brought back in has to be evaluated, detangled, and in all likelihood re-potted, and re-trellised.  All of my fingers are covered in hangnails from pushing the rough potting mix in around all of the new transplants.

The next couple of months are a big adjustment for myself and for the plants.  I have to develop new maintenance routines, and the plants need to adjust to a much less favorable environment.  I have to steel myself to not water as often – at least until the central heat has kicked on.  I have already had some problems.  My retusa had set some buds, and the change in conditions were too much for it, and the buds blasted!  I also had some other Hoyas that were making great strides in growth and signs of flowering.  Now I will likely lose all of that forward progress.  Oh well – there is always next year!